FATAL IMPACT- a thriller by Robert Thornton

FATAL IMPACT, a 73,000 word thriller, is about a horrific air crash that leaves a woman a widow. She mourns the loss of her husband and begins the grief process. Then one night she receives the first of a series of mysterious phone calls from someone sounding remarkably like her deceased husband. Upon investigating the calls, she finds her husband alive and confined in a rural area some five hundred miles from the crash site. Thus begins a harrowing journey of discovery and horror that ends in the halls of the White House threatening the very seat of power of the United States.


I wrote FATAL IMPACT because of my hesitancy to fly. One day on a business trip I began the usual "what if?" free association. You know, "what if the plane went down?" In my musings I came up with the idea of: "What if a man went down in a fatal plane crash but some how miraculously survived?"  I had the seed of my plot. I developed an outline using, believe it or not, quantum mechanics, and over a two year period wrote the novel.


The title, FATAL IMPACT, refers to the concept of a plane crash with no survivors.


On the surface the book is, I hope, a fun thrill ride. But, on a deeper level I've attempted without being preachy to address themes such as forgiveness and sacrificial love.

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