Flying Soup - a satire by Bobby Adair

Imagine that you're a computer nerd and avid bicycle rider, out breaking in your new $5000 bike. Now imagine that you get nailed by a hit-and-run driver, who only sticks around the scene of your accident long enough to make sure you're not dead.

 So you and the pieces of your former bike get a ride home from a passerby, where you complain to your techie roommates once again about how incredibly rude people are to cyclists. They've heard this from you before, of course, but this time, one of them decides that it's time for you document this shameful behavior.

 Your roommate rigs your old bike and your helmet out with front and rear video cameras, an idea you think is absolutely stupid until you unwittingly find that you've recorded someone throwing a soup can out of his car window at you – on purpose.

 But wait - Why try to imagine any of this?

 It's so much more fun to read about how this happens to Christian Trist, and what he and his zany sidekicks, Buster and Mohamed, decide to do about it.

 What they do in the end, of course, is to get filthy rich.

 But not before they launch a website called (what else?) Flying, with the goal of giving a voice to victims of roadway rudeness. As luck would have it, the Flying Soup website goes viral, making the trio instant media darlings, and touching off what becomes a very personal vendetta with a crooked right-wing televangelist with one eye on the White House and another on his followers' wallets, and his presumptive running mate, the local double-dealing preacher who is much closer to the mystery of the flying soup than he would like for anyone to believe.

 Will the forces of techno-savvy good win out over the evils of mindless pop-culture propoganda?

 Stay tuned… And watch out for flying soup.