Jeffrey Robinson's Criminal Intent-THE SWISS WASH WHITER - investigative non-fiction by Jeffrey Robinson


"I must caution you," Gentleman began, "that this kind of facility has been much romanticized over the years. The so-called secret Swiss bank account, the sort you might have read about in James Bond, is strictly for pulp fiction and the cinema."


"Now where," Signor asked, "do you suppose they got such a notion?"


From the beautiful mountains and valleys of the nation that has given the world cheese with holes, chocolate, watches and cuckoo clocks, comes Jeffrey Robinson's Criminal Intent – THE SWISS WASH WHITER, an eBook original investigative tour de force that pulls the Wizard of Oz curtain back on the hypocrisy behind the dirty money headlines.


Stripping bare the biggest Swiss export of all --- the $2.1 trillion murky world of secret Swiss banking --- here are the truths, the lies and the hype behind the secrecy, the money laundering, the tax evasion, the dictators, the despots, the banks, the bankers and the PR henchmen who cover the cracks.


Here too is Jeffrey Robinson's @writingfactory Twitter favorite, "The Swiss Bank Tweets" which continues to embarrass otherwise unembarrassable Swiss bankers.

This is the story that Swiss bankers do not want you to read.

The second book in his Criminal Intent series --- after FOLLOWING THE MONEY --- Jeffrey Robinson is recognized as an expert on international financial crime, and has been described by the British Bankers Association as, "The world's leading financial crime author.