Just a Matter of Time: a Time Travel Romance by T. Michelle


When Elias ventured out on to his pasture, the last thing he thought he'd find spooking the cattle was a vision striding through the grasses as though she owned the land.  And when he approached her, the last thing he suspected was that she had plum lost her mind.

Rebecca knew the Texas hillside; she loved to come out here, but she'd never been on this particular piece of land before.  It was calming, beautiful and presently occupied by a large, strapping man atop an even larger horse.

But their surprising encounter leaves them both certain that the other has lost his/her mind.  One believes she's from the future; the other insists he's in the past.  Is Elias a crazy man fully intent on living in the 1800's or has Rebecca somehow managed to step back in to the past?

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