Pieces of You - a supernatural fiction by Joyce Elferdink

Amazon author page: https://www.amazon.com/author/jelferdink

Mark's son was waiting at the train station when his father was carried out on a stretcher. The doctor's diagnosis: semi-comatose; suspected cause: war injuries; prognosis for recovery: very good.

 While his body lies motionless in a Zurich clinic, his spirit becomes very active, and in a way that no observer could possibly suspect. On a journey through time and space, he is led by a spirit guide to relive three experiences that altered his life. Without the limitations of a physical body, Zachri is able to grant Mark the supernatural insight to draw him into the suffering of people affected by his decisions. He then visits his possible futures, one where a few people have almost total control over the masses, and an alternative future illustrating how the forces of heaven can be focused to intervene in earthly actions. Mark will soon be asked to choose between living out his life with the woman he loves or sacrificing their time together to allow her to survive in horrifying times.

The protagonist is a real person; the story chronicles his life's main events as the author attempts to discover where he now lives—in people she meets, in the heavenly realm, or somewhere in between...