Promotion for Coffee and Cockpits by Jade Hart

Brand New Release: Coffee and Cockpits.
A Sexy, New Adult, Contemporary Romance

Free to celebrate the release from the 19th-23rd of April 2013.

"If I had to die, I wanted it to be doing something I loved, with a man who wanted to fly me to the moon." 

By day, Nina Poppins is a professional flight attendant, who lives to travel, and isn't afraid to chase her dreams. By night, she's an award winning salsa dancer who wears sexy corsets and garter belts. She wants to keep her two lives separate, but Liam Mikin knows her secrets. 

Liam Mikin is a co-pilot used to getting any air-hostess he wants with one blazing look of his blue eyes. And he wants Nina. But Nina is adamant she won't end up as another notch on a pilot's wingtip.

However, fate intervenes when their airplane malfunctions on a routine flight to Samoa, stranding all the crew on the Pacific island. Liam has his opportunity to prove to Nina he's not what she thinks, but he wasn't counting on competition in the form of an engineer. Nikolai Rivers dances as well as Nina and is linked to Liam's past. As Nikolai fights for Nina's affections, Liam is forced to face what happened all those years ago. 

Being island-wrecked in a five star hotel is anything but relaxing. Fraught with male egos, dancing, and secrets, both Nina and Liam aren't ready for what fate has in store.


Jade Hart can either be found spaced out in her imagination typing away, or with her nose deep in a book. If she isn't writing or reading, she's travelling the world with her hubby. She currently lives in Middle Earth, but has lived in Hong Kong, England, and Australia, and uses her many travels as inspiration for locations.

She's English, so hence the English spelling in her work—hope it's not too distracting!

If you have feedback on this book, or would like to review an eARC of upcoming titles, please don't hesitate to contact her.

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