The Avenged - a suspense novel by Charles Prandy
In this debut novel, D.C. Homicide Detective Jacob Hayden tries to solve the murder of a seventeen-year old kid who was shot point blank in the chest. The investigation leads Detective Hayden to a storage facility where he finds three crates full of something that he never expected to find. The next day, a Sniper sits on top of a building with a Parker-Hale M85 rifle aimed at Dupont Circle's park. He scans the perimeter from right to left until he sees his target. When he sees him, he steadies his aim and takes the shot. But what happens next, even the Sniper wasn't prepared for.

Prominent Superior Court Judge Frank Peters' business operations takes a hit when one of his partners is murdered in Dupont Circle. The murder investigation, led by Detective Hayden, threatens the very core of the Judge's business. Follow Detective Hayden on a thrill ride of an investigation that links the Sniper and the Judge to an underground operation that ultimately changes Detective Hayden's life forever...
Book two in the Jacob Hayden series entitled Behind the Closed Door will be available summer of 2013.
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1. "The Avenged" by Charles Prandy is a non-stop, action-packed thrill ride that starts with a bang (literally) and doesn't let up until the very last page. I was totally hooked from the very beginning ... 5 stars! (5 stars). Karen "Readergirl" Matthews, GoodReads

2. I have to say that the plot was brilliant and complex, yet easy to follow. I was never bored, and never once felt lost or confused...It is one of the more interesting ones I've come across as of late, and would recommend for anyone who is a fan of James Patterson or those types of novels. (4 stars). J.T. Thomas, GoodReads

3. I loved this book! I read in in one sitting and couldn't get enough! I loved how the author, Charles Prandy, started the story at the end, (and it's really dramatic), so we want to read more in order to find out how the characters got to that point. It was really creative and well executed, and I loved the short, tight chapters. It made me just want to keep reading and reading, and I had to see how everything fell into place. I was not disappointed by the ending and would love to read more books from this author in the future. (5 stars). Jenna Brewster, GoodReads