The Complete Bullshit-Free and Totally Tested Writing Guide: How To Make Publishers, Agents, Editors & Readers Fall In Love With Your Work - by Gabe Berman

A recent review on amazon: Gabe wowed my brain with his first book, Live Like A Fruit Fly. An epic message to humanity about the importance of living, not just being alive. This new book totally blows my mind.

I keep going back to a paragraph I bookmarked in Chapter 3. It reached out and hooked me and still has its claws clutching my soul and resonating deeply in my thoughts.

Had he written just these few words, it would have been enough: "Life is short and there's plenty to do, but I'd rather write ten words that will stir the souls of mankind than ten thousand that will never get past the flesh." But he didn't stop there, he kept going and it justs gets better.

I love this book for hundreds of reason, but I'll sum up so as not to basically read the entire book aloud to you.

It's more than Bulls*** Free - it's brilliant! A real "give it to me straight ~ don't hold back" message that is so intensely human that you feel like you're sitting in a 101 with the author getting private lessons. This of course makes it is impossible to not take note and apply his tried and true wisdom to ones desire to write and be published. It is written in such a genuine way, strumming each heart string of the reader (as his above quote suggests) that it is impossible to put it down because of the burning desire to learn just as equally about the man as about his message. A revealing message wrapped in gift boxes that we get to rip open with each new chapter.

Gabe Berman models in this book the very instructions that he is offering to us the lucky readers/students.

Instructive, brimming with true wisdom and exceptionally genuine.