"The Job" - A Romance Thriller - by T.C. Barnes

"The Job" by T.C. Barnes - Romance Suspense/Thriller
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Currently in the top 100 for Action/Adventure in the US & #10 in Romantic Suspense in the UK!
Jasmine Whittaker, a beautiful pediatric surgeon, has just learned the truth about her boyfriend and his "behind closed doors" business transactions - and the truth is absolutely chilling...
After a botched attempt by Jasmine to gather information against her previous lover (and his criminal enterprises) for the FBI, Jonathan Araduccio decides to have her silenced once and for all.  But when his murder plot against her goes terribly awry, Jasmine immediately snatches an unexpectedly golden opportunity, and somehow manages to flee his estate.  On a near-hopeless and frantic full-out sprint for her life, she immediately heads cross-country; running far away from him, and whatever additional hired guns he may have already sent her way.  But this time, he's called in a special reinforcement.
Knowing any possible evidence that his ex-girlfriend has collected against him could put him away forever, Jonathan turns to the paid services of an expert assassin, swiftly hiring a murderously-brilliant former Navy Seal named Samuel Brannigan, and then sending him chasing relentlessly after Jasmine.  On the collision course of destiny, however, Samuel soon finds himself in deadly trouble, instead.

After a brutal traffic accident on a steep mountain highway, the killer's life hangs by a thread as he dangles precariously over the edge of a gaping mountain chasm.  Unfathomably risking her own life to save that of the monster who had been stalking her every move, Jasmine brings the assassin back from the brink of death, only to have to take off on the run once again.
Realizing that his assignment was not anything like what he'd first been told, Samuel decides to make things right.  Hours after recovering in the hospital from his emergency surgery, Samuel unexpectedly escapes; setting out immediately to once again locate his frightened target.  This time, however, his lethal intentions have changed…