Transient Global Amnesia -a medical textbook by Britt Talley Daniel MD

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With an article written in 1956 in an obscure medical journal, Morris Bender, a neurologist at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, first described the temporary syndrome of memory loss.  After this medical articles started pouring in (1000 patients reported in 3 decades).  The key features of the syndrome:  onset of amnesia, the nature of the patient to repeatedly say the same thing over and again in spite of being instructed, "What has happened to me?" "What am I doing here?"  "What is the matter?"; the odd same situations that seem to bring the syndrome on:  swimming in the ocean, after strong emotion, after sexual intercourse; the normal general neurologic exam with testing, have captivated neurologists and patients for half a century.  The recent finding of small dots seen in the hippocampus several days after an attack on MRI scan, which later disappear, has further mystified doctors.  Something like 40% of patients with TGA have migraine.  This is the first textbook in 21 years on the subject and an interesting read for doctors or affected patients alike.