We are but Shadows - an anthology of Horror Tales by Cornelius Clarke

A collection of tales of terror, inspired by authors from my youth; R Chetwynd Hayes, Robert Bloch, Edgar Allan Poe. Growing up in Ireland, stories of ghosts, ghouls and things that go bump in the night were as commonplace as stew and stout. Tales told by the flickering coals that sent shadows across the room would chill and thrill me in equal measure and many of the stories I remember still.
A teenage boy gets the fright of his life in a funfair Ghost Train ... a mother puts her child to bed and just as she turns off the light, the child whispers "someone's coming" .... a pickpocket gets more than he bargained for .... a man plans to murder his wife and is sent spiralling into a world of madness ... a rat puts friendship aside when hunger sets in ... fearful of a premature burial, a husband awakes living his long-feared nightmare ...
We are but Shadows is a playful nod of appreciation to the short stories I sat and wondered at and I hope they entertain in the truest sense, anyone who reads them.

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