Weight Loss Ladder - a 10 step weight loss programme by David Hart

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Weight Loss Ladder is a self-help book that transforms the mind to achieve lasting weight loss. It is a 10 step, structured programme that challenges the status quo of habits that cause weight gain.
However, it is a quote from an entirely different genre of book that encapsulates Weight Loss Ladder so beautifully. In Jojo Moyes romantic fiction 'Me Before You', the quadriplegic character Will Traynor writes to the woman he loves - Louisa Clark, "There is a hunger in you Clark. A fearlessness. You just buried it, like most people do."
Weight Loss Ladder shows us a deeper awareness of our real selves and our potential, and may cause us to wonder if, like Clark, we have buried our lives - with food.
The practical, fun mental exercises in Weight Loss Ladder help us to find what is it that causes us to habitually eat more than our bodies need. With a supportive narrative it takes the reader through a process of building motivation, raising self-esteem and challenging the emotions and thoughts that hinder dieting.