Bitter Orange: Kindle ebook by Marshall Moore

From the author:

This is my fifth book (unless you want to count one more novel, coauthored with a friend and published under a pseudonym) after the novels The Concrete Sky and An Ideal for Living and the short story collections Black Shapes in a Darkened Room and The Infernal Republic. I'm also a publisher: I founded Typhoon Media Ltd in Hong Kong three years ago. Partly this was to get the rights to my earlier books back and take control of my own work: what it looks like, how I present it to the world. I had a lot of fun writing this one: it's kind of ethically murky (hence the cover image), but that didn't keep me from going places people often fear to tread. I was living in Korea when I wrote it, and by feeling anything but invisible most of the time, I somehow ended up writing a novel about a guy who turns invisible.
The official synopsis:
Seth Harrington can be invisible or undetectable, but he is not a superhero. The ability only works in morally grey situations; the rest of the time, he can't turn it on and off at will. He can use a movie ticket stub to buy a coffee or a one-dollar bill to pay for a cell phone. He can stop muggings in plain sight, unseen, but only with worse violence. But this only adds to his confusion about his place in the world. Still reeling from the horrors of the September 11 terrorist attacks and ambivalent about his future, Seth is at a crossroads: Can he be one of the good guys by doing bad things, or are his newfound powers part of someone else's malevolent agenda? There are no easy answers or expected outcomes in Marshall Moore's exploration of urban life and the ways that people can disappear.
Why you should read it:
If Taichi Yamada and Chuck Pahlaniuk were to write a book together, the result would probably be something like this. If they didn't kill each other first.