Compass, a young adult novel by Jennifer Gibson

The sequel to Sway, Compass delves into a darker world that becomes a perilous journey, full of surprising twists and turns for Jessie, a young teen who is also hearing impaired.  

The trilogy series was based on a true story featuring snapshots of the author's life growing up with a severe hearing loss.  Many real life scenarios have been incorporated into the story to provide a rich and sometimes, gritty setting that can be shocking at times to read.  Aside from the moral lesson of dealing with a disability,  it offers an amazing sense of appreciation of how much it takes to persevere through a difficult time in life.  

From the very beginning we watch Jessie as she tries to find her place in the community.  She does a lot of soul searching, trying to find ways to fit into a society that has trouble accepting her.  In Sway, we begin to see her change and make interesting decisions based on what happens to her.  Gradually, her path in life begins to shift and goes towards a new direction in Compass.  She becomes more aware of who she is as a young person. The third book, Destiny,  becomes a pivotal turning point that sets her on the right path where she becomes empowered and emerges a stronger person.  

Throughout the turmoil in her life, Jessie discovers that she has friends in the most unexpected places.  Together they guide her through some of the darkest moments she has to endure and they help her rise up and believe in herself once again.  There is a sense of magic woven into the fabric of these stories.

When you read Sway, Compass, and Destiny, remember that you're essentially living in the author's world and following in their footsteps.  

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"Gibson has a knack for helping the reader really feel how it must be to be hearing impaired. The sounds that are taken for granted in every day life are not only explained, painted and expanded upon. The author is uniquely adept at creating a sympathetic character that has depth to her personality, then showing that characterʼs growth and tenacity to live life to the fullest.

- Rose Mary Espinoza - reviewer, InD'Tale Magazine (4 stars!)

"Gibson's books open a window into the world of the disabled that is blunt, honest, and touching." – Regan, reviewer

"I was impressed with the book and I think the underlying messages that it sends to the reader are positive ones, about hope and belief and about never giving up even when the situation looks bleak, and she had her fair share of bad days and good days, and she had a good heart.  That was what made her endearing.  I enjoyed that when she was at her most down, something always happened, that pointed her in the right direction or lifted her up." - Gibby