ENDWORLD - A Novel by Frank Marsh, a new Science Fiction tale

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ENDWORLD - A Novel is my baby. Not just because it's my debut novel, but because I've been working on it for almost 20 years. Originally, ENDWORLD - A Novel was a hybrid of "Huck Finn," The Wonder Years and "The Terminator" movies. It has since evolved into something much, much more. 

ENDWORLD - A Novel begins on an indeterminate day of an indeterminate month in 15:CI (the Year 15 of the Lord Cornelius I). It takes place in a world run by self-aware machines that have established what they call the Administration: A totalitarian society that suppresses, but provides for humanity. It is the story of William MacNuff, who on the eve of his 18th Birthday runs away with his best friend Maria Markinson. His motive? To avoid being drafted into service as a "humachine," programmed to fight against the People's Rebellion for Freedom and Equality (PRFE for short), the last-standing, organized group of "free" humans fighting against the Administration. Their destination? An free island in the middle of the "Great Sea," it's actual existence little more than a product of "rampant speculation." 

Their journey carries them from the civilized world of the Administration to the largely uncivilized and ignored remnants of the world that existed pre-the rise of the machines. Along the way, they meet and are befriended by a group of people that agree to assist them and, in some cases, join them on their hypothetical journey to freedom. As they are pursued by a force of machines that grows in number with each passing kilometer, they fall in love, deal with death and betrayal, and find themselves drawn helplessly into a deeper, ageless conflict, the outcome of which will affect not only their world, but all of existence.

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