Goodbye Mr Ex - A Woman's Guide To Moving On by Marina Pearson

Goodbye Mr Ex was inspired by my own divorce and moments where my heart felt broken. I really wanted to share the very important insights that i had along the way that could really help other women in the same position. I have found a way to speed up the process healing hearts and wanted to share it with women so they did not have to struggle unnecessarily for years on end. By sharing the same insights in the book with my clients, I have found that their recovery has been phenomenally fast ; women who have been struggling to overcome the pain for many years, have been moving themselves forward on only 5 sessions.  And it is these inspirational stories that i share with you, along with the principles that I have come to see as the foundations of how to overcome heartbreak and how relationships really work.  
I really enjoyed writing the book and it took me about 6 months to do so. I never imagined though, that it would have the impact it has is now a multi-award winning book coming first in the Indie Book of Excellence Awards in the category of divorce and runners up for the International Book Awards. Plus the results that my ladies are getting from just reading the book have been phenomenal. If any of this has resonated with you at all, I invite you to download the free kindle and share it with friends.