Dracula in Dior: The Ultimate A-Z Fashion Guide for the Undead and Those Who Wish To Be by Scarlett Stoker


When you think of vampires what do you see? Sexy. Immortal. Dangerous. But do you see fashionable? Of course not, because with their black capes and velvet corsets, vampires are stuck in a style rut worse than golfers in plaid pants. (Sorry golfers, but you guys need work.)
Dracula in Dior is the first ever  A-Z style guide for vampires and vampire lovers that teaches:
  • why living forever is better when you shop the runway
  • how to survive Christmas  while surrounded by badly dressed humans
  • why a white  wedding dress is a  bad idea if you intend to drink the groom  at the reception
If humans can hire stylists and read fashion guides to improve their lives, why not vamps?  As the saying goes, good clothes open all doors, and beyond those doors are a lot of necks.
This book combines the twin passions of millions- vampires and fashion, plus a healthy does of tongue-in-chic. If the devil can wear Prada, shouldn't Dracula wear Dior?