HER CYBORG AWAKES : Kindle ebook by Melisse Aires


Her Cyborg Awakes is the beginning of a scifi romance series called Diaspora Worlds.  In this far future there are many worlds settled by Terrans using jumpstream technology which uses folds in space to reach distant star systems. There are amny planets in the galaxy that were Seeded by the Ancients and are much like Earth.

A military threat, the Gorvas, has been operating on the edges of the Terran Alliance. Sabralia was the child queen of a simple agricultural world, an easy target for the Gorvas. She was married by contract to warlord Sirn and joined his harem as a teen bride. She never became a favorite and lives a lonely existence. Due to her status as a wife, not just a concubine, Sabralia has a handsome cyborg servant and luxurious rooms. She stays aloof from the drama of the harem and has freedom to roam the beaches near Sirn's palace.

Life moves along slowly until Sirn demands his harem please his fleet of officers at a feast. Sabralia hates the idea of being used by his men and makes a plan to hide on the beach.

That decision changes her life and the life of her cyborg servant, Qy. Soon Sabralia finds herself thrust into a new life where her lack of education and life of sheltered luxury provide no skills to deal with the rapid changes and danger. She must use her own wits and determination to survive.

Qy changes in profound ways, becoming a man she never could have imagined—but  man she can't help but love.


The first four books of my Diaspora Worlds series are stand alone stories in a shared world. The hero's are brothers, sons of the Protectorate of New Prague, an industrial world in the Terran Alliance. Following the Sons of the Protectorate stories the series will continue with the romantic adventures of several secondary characters introduced in these first four books.