Moon Crossing - a fantasy adventure by Cathy Farr


Moon Crossing is a medieval fantasy adventure set in the twin-mooned land of Thesk.  Tally has been kidnapped.  Her older sister, Lady √Članor has asked teenager Wil Calloway to return to Saran to help but he soon discovers tensions that threaten Tally's rescue before it begins.  Accompanied by his three best friends and three huge Fellhounds, Wil makes a promise to bring Tally back before the two moons cross.  But the journey to Armelia is beset with challenges – not least being getting in and out of the city!


Cathy Farr has always loved stories; listening to them, reading them and writing them – especially anything fantastical with a medieval feel. In fact, in a past life she is sure she lived in a castle, walking the corridors in long dresses protected by devoted Irish Wolfhounds, practicing the odd bit of witchcraft… she's sure she did!  You see, apart from her love of fantasy adventures and all things castle-related, she has also always loved Irish Wolfhounds, so much so, they inspired her to write.  The Fellhounds of Cathy's tales are inspired by her own wonderful Irish Wolfhounds, all 9ft and fifteen stone of them!  Originally bred by the Celts to hunt bears and wolves, they were also used in battle to pull men off horses and out of chariots, so their size was really important; Cathy is almost 5ft 7inches, doesn't tend to get into many fights, and her weight… the twin moons would cross before she gave that one away!  


Moon Crossing is ideal for YA readers of all ages.  It has no sexual content or bad language.


Moon Crossing is the second of the Fellhounds of Thesk stories.