Awakening - a visionary fiction book by Ritu K. Gupta

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Visions of constantly changing destinies and futures depicted in vibrant colors – this is what Pari sees when she awakens from coma.  Mystified and confused, Pari initially hides her visions from others.  She dismisses them as hallucinations of an injured brain.  When in reality, these visions are messages from a breaking world that cries out for her to step in and protect it from Arche's ruthless manipulations.

Guided by notebooks left to her by spiritual master Chanakya, Pari begins to discover her own magical powers and insights.  As she learns more, a new world with unlimited possibilities appears to her. 

Will she be able to keep control of her destiny or be seduced by Arche's dark powers?

If "Awakening" was a movie, it would be closest to "Matrix".  Pari is like Neo, able to see beyond the illusions.  Arche is like Agent Smith, working within the illusions to increase his own powers by corrupting and stealing from others.

Pari's adventures through her self-discovery and her battles with Arche are layered in thought provoking philosophy.  One reviewer on Goodreads commented "I enjoyed the philosophical elements of this story. It reminded me of The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho…"

Awakening is the first book in the "Revealing Colors" series. 

This book is guaranteed to deepen your awareness of the world surrounding you.