Relatively Risky - Kindle ebook by Pauline Baird Jones

They call New Orleans the Big Easy, but it's not that easy if you're a homicide detective trying to stay out of trouble long enough to get off the night shift. Memo to self: don't piss of mayoral aides.

Then trouble rides into his carjacking, trouble with big eyes and a smile that turns flight/fight into how long until he can hug/kiss the girl.

Alex thinks he knows how much trouble Nell will be, but he's a cop. He can handle it.

Until secrets from the past begin to bubble up out of some wise guy ooze. As the bullets start to fly, a kiss may be all they have time for.

Relatively Risky: The Big Uneasy 1

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Relatively Risky is the first book in my new, romantic suspense series. My husband and I lived in New Orleans for 18 years and it was so fun to return to The Big Easy, if only in my fiction.