Tales of a New Jersey Nothing - A Memoir by E.V. Anderson

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Tales of a New Jersey Nothing was written to help me deal with my brother's death. He hung himself while in prison. I simply could not process his passing. How does a person mourn someone they didn't like? When I began writing the book I was hoping for catharsis. I had been the "good" son, and he was the "bad" son. He was also a drug addict and alcoholic who tormented me for most of my childhood, and once even chased me around the house with a very large knife. As I wrote the book, I began to remember that my brother was indeed a human being, and maybe I could find the forgiveness in my heart I'd been seeking. As it progressed, the book became much more than just the story of my brother's death. Memories came flooding back. I remembered my own substance abuse issues, and how I spent my teen years snorting coke in a Pizza Hut bathroom. I remembered the joy and pain of first love. I remembered the embarrassment of being the poorest kid in my class. I remembered being filled with hatred thinking about my absent father. I remembered a tragic, hilarious, awful, wonderful childhood. Tales of a New Jersey Nothing is about the choices we make, the pain we endure, the dreams we can't let go, and the strength we often don't even realize we have. It's a memoir like no other, and one you won't soon forget. This is not an easy book. There's violence and drugs and pain and abuse and hatred and jealousy. But there's also love and laughter and friendship and inspiration. There's also pizza, comic books, and a kid who loved Batman. My memoir has a little something for everyone. Give it a read. It's a book you'll want to share.