The mediterranean diet recipe book : kindle ebook by Mike Angarola

The Mediterranean Diet - Gracie's Guide to Healthy Meals, is the third in a series of eBooks devoted to the Italian/Mediterranean lifestyle.  Filled with over 50 suggestion for eating a traditional Mediterranean Diet, designed to help you lose weight, fight off heart disease and cancer and promote a happier outlook on life.

The inspiration for this eBook came from growing up on a household shared with my Sicilain grandparents.  Food was the center of our universe.  My mom (Gracie) and grandmother were fantastic cooks and put great meals on the table each and every day.  They relied on olive oil in place of butter, we ate fist twice weekly, fruits for dessert and vegetables made every meal.

My grandfather put up a tremendous each summer and many of the foods we ate came fresh from that garden.  I always felt that our eating habits were typical of an Italian American family and in many cases they were.  This old world traditional approach to eating, kept us all fit, and the quality time we spent at the dinner table is a memory worth sharing.

"The Mediterranean Diet Recipe Book - Gracie's Guide to Healthy Meals" is an investment in not only healthy eating but a chance to change your lifestyle as well.