The Queen's Curse: An Epic-Fantasy Kindle ebook by Natasja Hellenthal

This newly released thought-provoking Fantasy work with lesbian sub-theme, already has had hundreds of downloads from keen readers and is getting more popular by the day. It's the author's debut novel with more to follow.

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A powerful curse holds the ancient land Ceartas in its tight grip. Little do the people know of this, other than that no offender ever escapes the countries' harsh penalties, not even when the person isn't caught!

Magic of the highest sort has to be involved. Everyone seems to know about the holy law book though, which is worshipped for many generations by the royal family and most of the Ceartasians fear this mighty book, even more than they fear their absent queen. 

The young queen Artride has to carry this heavy burden, always obeying the law book in fear of a worse scenario, and finds herself frustratingly powerless once more when a young commander of her army, Tirsa Lathabris, comes pleading for the release of her harmless teenage brother, Elimar who has become a victim of the law book as well. 

Artride sees no other choice than to reveal her terrible secret this time to her Commander, however that is all that lies within her power; telling a knight, for outside this select group of people the curse would take the life of the listener immediately. 

But there is hope; perhaps even the last hope for a free just country so together the young Queen and Commander set out on a journey to the ancient neighboring magical land, Dochas, where a great sorceress lives. She is supposed to be capable of unlimited magical things, but that is all they know... 

A perilous unpredictable journey follows with the goal to ask this sorceress for a counter spell, but first they have to deal with unwanted unfinished business of both their past and present. 

Confused and near fatigue, however still hopeful they gather more bits of information about the sorceress and her role in the Magical Land and new questions arise. It also becomes clearer with the day during their search for the sorceress through this enchanted land, that it must indeed lie in her power to help them, but if so… will she be willing to and for what price? And will they be in time?

And even with a little help from the local magical Silent Folk/TalamhClann or Wood-and Windchildren as they are also called, it gets more and more desperate. It looks like the sorceress; who is also the dominator of both Dochas and the Silent Folk, is in fact trying to prevent them from coming too close, or is she just taunting and testing them?   

Either way, the toll is getting higher for them with the hour as the sorceress is getting to them personally and is cunningly playing with their mind, body and soul as they travel through her magical protected realm. Weary and exposed they have to decide who to trust and distrust for time is running out…

They find themselves facing a difficult choice in order to not only free their own country but Dochas and the powerless Silent Folk, whose only hope they have become, as well.

And that final choice and person is someone who is just as cursed as Ceartas is; not by a real spell, but by her own history and the prison she has build around her own heart over the years; the sorceress and self-made Queen of Dochas herself.  

Their last and only hope and their biggest challenge…

Read some of the reviews received already:

"I was drawn in right from the start, always wanting to find out more. It becomes a story of hope, loyalty, romance, trust and secrets. Also today's issue's are dealt with such as child abuse, gay-marriage, death and justice. It is an enjoyable read and never too heavy though."

"Excellent dialogue"

"A good fantasy story especially in the lesbian genre and it doesn't get much better"

"An excellent read for the price"

"The premise is thoroughly original. The two protagonist's backstories were well fleshed out, and created sympathetic characters that the reader wished to see succeed. I enjoyed the Windchildren and Woodchildren very much, as well as the gods of the magical land. Sempervirens was a captivating villain as well, and I thought the author handled her quite well." 

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