Vagabond- travel/spiritual adventure, by Anthony Karakai

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Leonardo was sick and tired of the daily routine he had grown accustomed to. He wanted something different, he wanted something real to happen in his life. He wanted to connect with the world.

Every time he looked around himself, he only saw sadness. He saw longing on the faces of people who had given up on their dreams, in pursuit of money and a typical lifestyle they were sold. Leonardo wanted to break free, and so he did.

Spinning a globe with his eyes closed, he promised himself that where ever his finger lands, is where he will pack up his bags and venture to. He needed to find himself- he needed to discover who he really was, away from the noise of the big city.

As he begins his backpacking adventure through Central and South America, he begins to realise that there is a greater purpose in life than working a 9-5. Strange events begin to happen, some almost magical, as an Ecuadorian farmer's spiritual guidance affects his own journey. Leonardo will discover what it is to learn about the world, and by learning about the world, he will discover how to truly live. 

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