Valley of Deception - Action thriller by T.H. Michael

United States Marshal's did not die out with the taming of the west, they are still around and going strong.  Every year Marshal's arrest ten's of thousands of fugitives, most arrest go without a hitch.  Yet on occasion things can go very wrong.

Jake Mathews is a United States Marshal assigned to the Northern District of Iowa.  He's the warrant coordinator  and in charge of what should be a routine arrest when they go to get Jared Bettner.  In the marshals line of work there is never a routine day.   When things go from bad to worse many are killed or injured. 

Now Deputy Mathews is questioning whether to continue doing the only job that he ever known.  retreating to his farm in Northeast Iowa, with his wife Lora, Jake needs time to think about his future and wants nothing but a little rest and relaxation to do so. 

Zebadaih Caldwell's family has lived in northeast Iowa for the past 100 years.  He is the present preacher, prophet and leader of their community.  The latest in the line of Caldwells to hold that position.  Zebadiah's world is much different than that of his grandfather and father.  The state of Iowa is pressuring his community about their practices.  Zebadiah can feel their way of life slipping away.  He will do anything to not let that happen. 

Sheriff Ron Angre has wanted to be a deputy sheriff since he was a child.  His life's goal has become a reality when his is elected sheriff. Now years later he wonders if, maybe, their isn't more to life then he first thought?  Dare he take the risk to pursue those desires?

When these three worlds collide, what will be the consequences?  Will anyone make it out alive? Read now to find the answer to these questions and more.