What Happened In Hallandale : Kindle ebook by McCollonough Ceili

Introducing "What Happened in Hallandale" book one of the Hallandale Beach trilogy.

Dive deep into a dream like tale that transcends time. Twelve-Year-Old Piper Malone has the unique gift of being able to visit the world of the angels and to travel back in time, though the later talent is not known to Ms. Malone until a tragedy forces her to break ancient rules and travel back to 1945  to the coast of Hallandale Beach, Florida and the world of ocean lifeguarding. There she learns that sometimes a great force of light can come from the darkest moments, and that true love can well be just a little too powerful.  

This tale of love, light, death, and hope will heal your heart, break it and leave you wanting more.

Blurb from "What Happened in Hallandale "The boy had disappeared.  A panic swept over me, as I desperately started diving under the waves hoping to find him.  All I could see was thick black darkness.  Every time I came up to try and get a breath, the waves would try to choke the life out of me. I felt a lifeguard lift me out of the water and hold me with a much stronger grasp than before as he dragged me out of the ocean again."