Who Killed Irv? - a television network detective novel by E.G. Camden

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes  at a television network?  Is there truth in fiction?  Read "Who Killed Irv?" and judge for  yourself. 
It wasn't a question of who wanted to kill him. More like, who didn't? Things were chaotic. The new television season was about to be announced. Two prime time slots hadn't yet  been firmed up  and the Network President was dead.
Set in the world of   Tinseltown television, "Who Killed Irv?" is a  murder mystery detective story in which ego, money, power and sexuality get star billing.
Detective Floyd Slivers, on leave from the  police force after being injured in the line of duty, is determined to prove he is capable of being  returned to duty full time.   He's  committed to  solving the  murder, even if that means going against the wishes of  the  Police Chief.  
Why was that body part found in the  mouth of the deceased?  Why was the widow getting a Brazilian wax? What about  that  chainsaw?  Shoes with lifts and poppy seed filling.   So many  circumstances to ponder and questions to ask.  Not to mention a  police partner who wanted to be a  television star more than he wanted to be a cop.