World of Archangels - a spiritual masterpiece of by Sufian Chaudhary

World of Archangels springs open the beginning of my epic drama with the spiritual world, filled with tons of enlightening meditations, stories of profound ethereal encounters and detailed insights into the energy structures of the physical world. I was one day approached by the very powerful presence of Archangel Uriel and from that day forward I became initiated to the full extents of what it means to be alive on Earth as part of our reincarnation system in this Universe. This book extends beyond what most non-conforming spiritual texts describe, it even hints at the exciting level of power we as human beings are able to achieve. Over the course of my journey I met a number of Ascended Masters and Higher Beings-- all of whom introduced to me the incredible notions of Unconditional Love.

In the writing of World of Archangels, I was approached by so many ethereal Beings that I had to include additional Chapters and I am now in the process of writing my second book as the continued story of what World of Archangels begins to describe. Open the pages of this spiritual text with an open mind; you are going to be floating above your norms and expectations by the time you finish reading it!