You, in Your Green Shirt, a novel by Barbara Monier

YOU, IN YOUR GREEN SHIRT, by Barbara Monier, follows a woman coming back to life after the disintegration of a twenty-plus year marriage. The book opens with Madeline Bruno and her family sitting around the dinner table as husband Dick recounts his fascination with a new female employee. Within a few quick, jabbing lines, 14-year-old son Jack accuses his father of being "involved" with her, 11-year-old daughter Kate hurls insults, and Madeline has retreated into a fantasy that her once-beloved husband has turned into a giant, scurrying cockroach.  By turns hilarious, bawdy, moving, and ultimately triumphant, YOU, IN YOUR GREEN SHIRT traverses the distance between the deeply personal and the universal.

" This wonderful narrator, Madeleine, is so perceptive, reflective, open, authentic, natural, poetic, and humorous that she makes her poignant story a joy to read."

"I was fascinated by each of the characters, but particularly by the inner life of the narrator. Her struggle to understand her changing life, and her courage in laying bare the inner recesses of her mind and soul, were awe-inspiring."

"Beautifully written and humorous. This 'Green Shirt' is full of warmth, wit, and wisdom."

"This deeply personal, freeflowing story will grab you with humor and a wry point of view on everything from nookie to cookies as you root for the heroine to shed her old top layer, but keep her incredible foundation as she ultimately presents her new, enlightened self to a worthy (hopefully) new lover."