A Dress In Red - kindle eBook by Steve French

A lonely girl and a haunted dress; what could go wrong?

A Dress In Red is a chilling and cautionary tale about a teen-aged girl who is bullied at school. Mary has always been a misfit, but things are about to change when Mary discovers a tattered vintage dress at an estate sale. For Mary, it is love at first sight and she simply must find a way to buy the mysterious red dress. She is drawn to its potential beauty and enchanted by the allure of the supernatural presence lurking within the history of the dress. Although she does not know how to sew, Mary is convinced she can restore the dress to its former glory on time for the homecoming dance. After scoring a date with the most popular jock in school, Mary invokes the wrath of the mean girls gang. Chaos ensues when the dress feels threatened by Mary's enemies, friends, and family.
Originally, this tale began as a short-story I wrote about a haunted black dress, but a friend of mine suggested that the dress should be red. In its inception, I really had no idea that the story had any potential for a full length novel, but once I set down to write, it blossomed into a book. I fell in love with my characters and their interesting dilemma revolving around the jealous nature of the red dress. I think it is a good read about power and corruption. Is it really a cautionary tale? I do not know, but I hope you will read this book and enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.