Blood Brothers - Kindle ebook by Jody Zimmerman

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Psychological Thriller/Mystery

Philip Hampton stares at the painting his brother, Billy, a well-known
artist and "A-list" New Yorker, completed less than thirty-six hours
ago. The bizarre scene portrayed unleashes pent-up memories in
Philip's mind, as twenty years of guilt and shame descend upon him.

But Billy is dead—murdered—and Philip, on the brink of despair yet
determined to seek vengeance, suspects the painting holds the clues to
Billy's murder.

Unlocking the painting's meaning—its memories—requires the help of
others who hold bits of information including Philip's ex-girlfriend,
his estranged father, Billy's art agent, the nurse who cared for Billy
in his final hours, an ex-Navy Seal, an expert in cryptography, a
Sheik, and Billy's rescued pit bull.

All clues point to an elusive al-Qaeda operative who, unbeknownst to
Philip, has been manipulating him for most of his life. To resolve
Billy's murder, Philip must find one of the largest art heists in
history and confront head-on the emotional and sexual scars of his