Crucible Heart: Kindle ebook by Diana Symons

Crucible Heart is the story of Jenna, a young woman in desperate need
to find God. She has taken a boy's life in an accident and doesn't
feel that she deserves to live. Despite her inner pain, Jenna is
plucky. She has spunk and honesty in her view of herself and others.
She resonates with realism as she struggles to find what is right and
what is true.

I like the characters in this book, even the ones that don't help
Jenna on her journey. They all speak to me in some way because we all
make bad decisions and have doubts from time to time. In the first
version of this story, Jess was going to be an angel. When he became a
real man in the final telling, I just couldn't let go of the idea, so
Jess looks a little otherworldly. (DS)

"Crucible Heart rocks. It's really, really good. Symons has created an
neat, quirky cast of characters and given each one depth. Her
voice--Jenna's voice--is unique, sassy and funny. She made me laugh,
she made me cry. And repeat." --Kaite Vorreiter, writer and editor.