Desideras: 7 Sexclusives - kindle ebook by Ebony Iman

Steamy! Original! Sexy! Must-read!

Straddling the fine line between descriptive and raunchy, this book sucks you in and doesn't let you go until the end. Reviews on Amazon give Desideras: 7 Sexclusives five stars and detail the reader experience.

My first book of erotic short stories will take you to seven different scenarios that will allow you to have sex outside in the rain, wrestle with multiple personalities, have one night stands that create stalkers, and fall victim to unconventional conspiracies.

Desideras contains threesome drama, pressure to break sexual parameters from significant others, and a woman's struggle with amnesia.

So many different scenarios are presented to you in a way you have not seen.

Desideras may be the tool to unleash desires you didn't know were brewing within. Consider your desires, then compare them to the pursuit of desires between these covers. Your fantasy may be included.

Before writing short stories, I wrote poetry. I also wrote news for the military for nine years. At the forceful encouragement of a close friend, I tried my hand at fiction. And the rest is history! I love to read, and black authors are my favorite. I am excited and blessed to joint the ranks of talented writers who have entertained and inspired me.