Fallen Angel, a Kindle eBook by Kaleb Quist


"Who will save the world, when there is no world left to save?"

The year is 2025. Five years after 2020's Great Revolution set the nation afire, the United States of America collapses--and now, a military regime known as the Lords rule the nation with an iron fist.

Through the barren, lawless, and chaotic streets of Washington D.C., however, Vincent von Faust embarks on an odyssey to pursue his father's killer, an enigmatic assassin known simply as the Fallen Angel. Battling mercenaries and seeking political favors, Vincent ultimately learns the Fallen Angel is closer than he anticipated; and soon, he realizes the only way to bring peace and justice to the war-torn nation is not to reconstruct it, but instead to destroy what is left of it...

For fans of Alan Moore, Stephen King, and Frank Miller, "Fallen Angel" is a unique tale that combines the exploits of horror with the mysticism of fantasy and science-fiction. For only $5.55 on Amazon (FREE for Prime members), you can own this endlessly entertaining piece of storytelling today!