Heronfield – kindle ebook by Dorinda Balchin


Amidst the bombs and bullets, the fear and confusion, it is sometimes the battles within our hearts which leave the deepest scars.

Tony had not planned to get involved in the retreat to Dunkirk and the chaos on the beaches, but his experiences there convinced him that he had to do something to bring this war to and end as soon as possible. 

Having spent much of his childhood at Saint Nazaire, with plenty of contacts and an ability to speak faultless French it is not long before the Special Operations Executive recruit Tony to work with the French Resistance on the Atlantic coast.  Little does he realise that the secrecy which his work imposes will cause him almost as many problems in England as it does in France.

Back in England Tony's brother, David, is one of 'the few' flying day and night throughout the long hot summer of 1940 in an effort to defeat the Luftwaffe and so prevent Hitler's intended invasion of the island.  Tony's home, Heronfield House, is now being used as a convalescent hospital and it is here that he meets Sarah.  The course of love never runs smooth but his frequent trips to France, his failure to keep in touch, his secrets and inevitable lies make wartime love an impossibility for Tony.  His only hope is for a swift end to the war so that he can be honest with Sarah, but he has not anticipated the arrival of the Americans in general and one GI in particular…

From the outbreak of war to eventual victory in Europe we see the conflict through the interwoven lives of this group of people.  Heronfield is well-researched and historically accurate in its portrayal of many of the key events of the war in Europe - Dunkirk, the Battle of Britain, the Blitz, the bombing of Coventry, the French Resistance, D Day and the push through Europe, the concentration camps – and at over 300,000 words long it is an epic saga that will keep you gripped until the very last page.