Kain - Kindle ebook by Brie McGill

Sexy, micro-chipped supersoldier, Lukian Valentin, must escape the Glorious Empire Daitya to preserve his crumbling sanity. Beaten to a pulp by trigger-happy superiors, drugged into a daze by perverse scientists, and brainwashed into oblivion by a man who believes the mechanization of the human race will deliver ultimate salvation, haunting nightmares of electrodes suggest to Lukian that something is amiss.

A serendipitous encounter with an enemy nation's double agent facilitates his escape--but no amount of deadly martial arts or ammo can prepare him for the trek through collapsing urban sprawl to freedom.

Half a world later, Lukian is left with less than the shirt on his back; he claims his new life, thrilled to rent an ugly apartment, don ratty attire from the clothing bank and gut prawns for a living--when slicing and dicing doesn't invoke flashbacks of what the Empire forced him endure. He begins to wonder, maybe--just maybe--he could learn to live a normal life. Maybe he could even hit it with his smoking hot boss--despite his ugly clothes and ironic sense of humor that haven't made the best of impressions.

But the Empire is watching, and those sweet moments of love provide the Empire the perfect leverage to bend Lukian's will and bring him home for repair.

Lukian must call upon the power of his alter ego and the violent life he swore to forget if he is to stand a chance protecting the new life he holds so dear.