Where the river meets the sea - an oral history of growing up in the wild King Country of New Zealand during the Great Depression - kindle ebook by Jane Wilks


Grace Puddy was born in 1921 in Mokau New Zealand. To the local bus drivers in her neighbourhood who sometimes drop her off right outside her gate, she is affectionately known as "Mussel Woman". Her mussel fritters are legendary and are often made as a token of thanks. The recipe for them is included at the end of this book. However it is simply the story of Grace's early life that is worth telling. A great character, her childhood was a  very humble and poor one growing up by the sea in a remote coastal area of New Zealand.
In this book, Grace herself at ninety-two years of age, talks about her life growing up in Mokau and Awakino. It was a time of great hardship for many during the worldwide Great Depression. Many people literally had to live off the land, and the sea, as Grace's family did. She was one of eleven children and her father was unable to work. There was no money and they had to "make do" like so many others.

Her humour and spirit shine through in this interesting oral account.
It relates to a bygone era, but thankfully Grace is here to tell her tale.