Love on the Back Burner - Kindle eBook by Barbara Oliverio

Is the way to the man's heart truly through his stomach? Sassy Alexandria D'Agostino hopes so! While her marketing career is blazing on all burners, her love life has fallen flatter than a pancake. She's cooked up a scheme to find love by preparing the childhood favorites of her potential suitors in hopes that they'll find the menu appetizing. (Recipes included in the book). The plan should work, but Alexandria encounters a series of comic misadventures including a meat-filled dinner for a vegetarian and an unexpected extra dinner guest. Always looming in the background is maddeningly charming office heartthrob Cam Grayson. Early reviews call the story "fresh, fun, intelligent and believable" and praise how it "not only celebrates the joys of cooking and love, but of tight-knit families that sustain us even from afar". With a cast of characters including wisecracking office pals, a no-nonsense Italian immigrant grandmother, and a rock-star-turned-priest brother, Love on the Back Burner provides a madcap story that's filled with love, laughter and lasagna.