Psalms in the Key of my Life - kindle book by Carol Shelton Moye

Several years ago, I was inspired to write responses to each of the
Psalms, using poetry and song. The Psalms are my favorite part of the
Bible. I love the poetry, the music, and most of all, the emotion.
They have carried me through many difficult situations. My hope is
that in sharing my writing, I can help others to be as inspired by
them as I have been.

As I went through this process, I struggled with several of the
Psalms. I just couldn't relate to what the writer was going through.
God, in his infinite wisdom, chose to put me in situations that made
those Psalms very real for me. I tried to write those in a way that
would be universal, removing references to exact places or people.
Hopefully, my experiences are universal enough to provide inspiration.

This is not a biblical translation. I am NOT a Bible scholar. I did
refer to several commentaries and books by biblical scholars while
writing, especially when something was unclear to me. I kept my Bible
close at hand as I worked, referring to different translations. I
tried to stay true to the message of at least part of each Psalm. I
beg your forgiveness for those times I did not succeed.

I hope and pray my words will help build your faith and make your day
a bit brighter. God bless.

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