Wolf's Paradox - Kindle Ebook Only by Margaret Taylor


Currently on sale through June 28th for .99.

This is a story of Half-Dragons, Elves and Wolves, Oh My!

Kathy Granite is a New York Times Bestseller Author of the highest caliber.
She's adored for her stories of Fantasy worlds, high-speed Action, Adventure
and Love. What her readers don't know is that for the last six years her
main characters are usually sitting right beside her and she's really just
the typist! She's had Half-Dragons, Centaurs, Quillen Smugglers and anything
else you could possibly imagine just appear in our world to have their story
told. But what even she doesn't know is that her writings actually have the
power to change the characters history, or rewrite it if she chooses,
because she's what's called a Weaver – A spinner of great tales with the
power to write or re-write history as she sees fit.

Enter Ronon Wulfdrak, a Layren from the planet Narisu and Kathy's Protector.
In an effort to keep her powers hidden, he's made sure to bring Kathy people
who's lives were not monumental to their world's history. He's also secretly
been preparing his own people to fight their Rulers, a race of beings called
the Founders. They are intent on tearing Weavers apart to get at their
powers and it's going to be up to Kathy and Ronon to start a Revolution and
not only save our world, but their own!

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