The APT Principle: The Business Plan that You Carry in Your Head Kindle ebook by Russell F Moran

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The APT Principle: The Business Plan that You Carry in Your Head. Written by Russell F. Moran, an attorney and former CEO of a publishing company, the book is fast reading and often laugh out loud funny. The book is about the mysteries of business planning, but also includes diagnostic tools to make business planning an ongoing thing, not something you complete and forget after putting in a drawer. APT stands for Attitudes, Practices and Technology. The author explains how every business problem or challenge is a function of one of those three things. The book delves into the primary functions of running any business and includes chapters on the process of business planning, customer relations (a critical aspect of any business), locating your business, finances, hiring and managing employees, using consultants, branding and marketing, and finally, how to sell your business. There is also a special chapter on Time Management that just may be the most valuable advice you've ever read on the subject. The book is laced with real life anecdotes, sometimes hilarious and always useful. If you own a business and have struggled with writing a business plan, this book could be the break through you've been looking for.