The Witches of Dark Root - kindle ebook by April Aasheim

The Witches of Dark Root - Free to download from Amazon on July 11th and 12th

The Witches of Dark Root is a story about Maggie Maddock, a woman raised by her coven leader mother, Sasha Shantay, in the magical town of Dark Root, Oregon. Maggie, along with her three sisters: Ruth Anne, Merry, and Eve, have been groomed to take over the coven once they come of age, but one by one the girls leave to pursue other endeavors. Now, seven years later, the sisters must return to take care of their fragile mother and a town that's all but dead.
The story of Maggie and her sisters is set against a magical backdrop in the fictional town of Dark Root, Oregon, where every day is Halloween. The book is a fusion of what we believe about witches, from lore that dates back to pre-civilization to modern day, and everything in between. It does not set out to create a new sort of witch, but attempts to embrace all that we already know about them.
At it's heart The Witches of Dark Root is a story of sisterhood as Maggie struggles to find her place among her siblings. The book explores sibling rivalry, being a middle child, and feeling unimportant in a family that is at times too large; it also takes a look at the unconditional love that comes with being a member of a family.
The story is loaded with heart, humor, and a touch of darkness as Maggie remembers her childhood and embraces her present, and must ultimately decide if she will put on her witches hat and take her place as coven leader, or go back out into the world and live a 'normal life'.