Disappearance at Mount Sinai, A Pat O'Malley Historical Mystery by Jim Musgrave

This is the second historical mystery in the popular Detective Pat O'Malley series.  You can read more about this series and sign-up for the newsletter at the Pat O'Malley Mini-Mysteries web site.  The second mystery was a featured "summer reading" book at the Jewish Daily Forward because it deals with the "mazikeen," which are half-human and half-angel beings from Jewish folklore.  Both of the mysteries so far in the series have Poetic (as in Edgar Allan Poe) style and supernatural elements that readers enjoy.


These mysteries are all short but powerful reads (following Poe's dictum that a work, to be effective, must be readable in one sitting).  The third mystery will be a "battle royale" between two of the most popular brothel madams in 1860s New York City.  Come join the fun with Detective O'Malley and his partner, Madame Rebecca Charming, as they battle crime and Tammany Hall city corruption.  As author Jim Musgrave says in his app for iPad, iPhone and Android, "Carry 1860s New York City around in your pocket or purse!"