Two Kinds of Color - Fiction/Crime novel by Deborah Kennedy

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The Making Of A Family Regardless Of Their Being Two Kinds Of Color

Las Vegas, NV, February 20, 2013 - Two Kinds of Color (Createspace) by Deborah Kennedy may be fiction but its characters and events reflect the author's real life story; growing up black in a racially divided family who were mostly conceived through prostitution when her mother was pimped out by her father. Kennedy has already proven herself to be a compelling writer with a deep sense of compassion and an intensity that adds raw emotion to her amazing story.

Two Kinds of Color is the story of a mother's love and heroic sacrifice for her racially divided children, two black and two white, raised in a hustler's brutal environment on Chicago's south side. In her story, that parallels much of Kennedy's own life, Freddie Walker is a very beautiful and sensuous woman who begins working as a prostitute at age sixteen for a vain and greedy pimp/businessman. Jimmy Tate is her pimp and his notorious reputation and illegal gaming practices allow him to make all the money he can.

One stormy night Freddie attempts to leave Jimmy and take her children with her. Unfortunately, when he finds out he goes crazy and tries to kill her. When Freddie's best friend Ruby arrives just in the nick of time, a battle ensues in their dark bedroom that leaves Jimmy dead – resulting in Freddie and Ruby going to prison and the children being separated and sent into foster care.

But what happens when a prostitute like Freddie starts reading the Wall Street Journal and dabbling in the stock market? Does she make a fortune? Did Freddie kill Jimmy, or was it her best friend Ruby? What sacrifices did Freddie make for the sake of her children and what secrets did she keep from them? What will their legacy be and, as adults, will they have the courage to meet each other to find out?  These are the questions that keep readers rapidly turning pages to find answers.

Two Kinds of Color is a powerful story that would make an incredible box office smash hit! It sheds light on the underworld of prostitution and focuses on the truth of the pimps that abuse the children caught up in this world. It is a story of best friends, of having faith and belief in God, and of trust and love.

Kennedy's goal in writing this extraordinary story was to bring hope to women and their children trying to get out of this lifestyle, and to offer encouragement to children of racially divided siblings that no matter what one experiences in life, nothing is more important than family – even if they are two kinds of color.

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