EXODUS: A REQUIEM FOR JACOB FORLORN - kindle ebook by lazarusInfinity

How far would you go for peace?
How far would you go for love?
How far would you go for revenge?

Jacob Forlorn is a tormented everyman who suddenly meets and falls in
love with Miranda, a strikingly beautiful and mysterious woman with
secrets seemingly at every turn. Caught in the middle of a whirlwind
romance rife with intense passion, the couple soon welcomes the birth
of a beautiful child. What seems to be a perfect relationship on the
outside soon turns to a dark web of deception and scandal, as dark
visions and nightmares begin to haunt Jacob. Tormented by something
far beyond his understanding, Jacob Forlorn ventures down a dark and
haunting journey that threatens to corrupt him to his very soul. The
secrets of the past soon converge on him, forcing him to consider a
very dangerous choice.

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