Lost at Glassy Sea, historical Romance/Fiction by Germanio Puglio


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"Lost at Sea" is a novel which follows the lives of a young, modern treasure-hunting couple, as well as the life of a seventeenth-century teenage girl, Emma, who is accidentally deserted by her father while their cargo ship is raided by pirates.  Emma is forced to live with a ship full of buccaneers for two months.  She finally escapes them and gives birth to a child conceived during her unwilling confinement.  Both stories end with the protagonists finding eventual happiness, contentment, and prosperity.   Includes 53 chapters, with a description of 17th-century Port Royal.  Contains some mature content.  Recommended for age 17+.

An excerpt:

"Captain Fontaine rubbed his eyes in disbelief.  Coming through the choppy waves were about a dozen canoes.  The were dangerously rocking back and forth in the water.  The men in the canoes began shooting at his ship.  A few of the crew of the Anne-Marie were shot with muskets, and fell into the water.  The crew that was still alive quickly pulled up the anchor, so that their ship could flee.  As they toiled, the mainsheet and brace were shot away, and the ship turned helplessly into the wind.  Feeling that they had no choice, the sailors began to raise a white rag next to the French flag that rippled above them in the rain and wind.  The Anne-Marie had surrendered."