Malarat - kindle ebook by Jessica Rydill

Malarat is a story about the fate of a noble house - the Dukedom of Malarat. The idea of family honour leads the Duke's eldest son, the Comte de Fleury, to fight a duel over his wife's honour, even though he is gay and has lived apart from her for years.

His decision to challenge his wife's lover against the background of war affects many lives - his own, that of the young men who have lived under his protection, his wife - and  the other party to the duel, Malchik Vasilyevich.

Malchik, as his name suggests, is not a nobleman and not wholly Franj. He was born a Wanderer, an outcast race, and converted to Doxa in order to be with the Comte's wife. He is also one of the Vasilyevich family, famous or even notorious shamans. Malchik has no powers, but his sister Annat, Yuda, his father, and his aunt, Yuste, are all powerful. 

A shaman can be both a healer and a warrior, and visit the lands of the dead. The duel between Malchik and the Comte de Fleury triggers a chain of events that will change the lives of everyone associated with it - from the powerful Duc de Malarat himself to little Katya Vasilyevich, the child conceived in the underworld when Yuda slept with his best friend's wife.

Malarat is a dark story - some characters die, and the story follows them into the afterlife, neither Heaven nor Hell, but a place of danger and magic. There are also moments of humour. There is strong language and some scenes of graphic violence and explicit sex. It is a story aimed at adults, but these are episodes, not the entire content!