Power Play: Hero's Sword Vol. 1 - a Kindle ebook by M.E.Sutton


When you're on the "outside," sometimes all you want to do is escape.
For 8th-grade nobody Jaycee Hiller, her preferred escape destination is the video game world of Mallory in HERO'S SWORD. Tormented by the cheerleaders at school, and nursing a secret crush on Nate Fletcher, the game provides a welcome refuge. Her avatar, Lyla Stormbringer, is everything Jaycee is not: beautiful, strong, and famous. A far cry from Tanner Middle School, where she is definitely on the outside of the social circle. In her last year at Tanner, all Jaycee is thinking about is graduating and going on to high school, where she can hopefully find her place. But when Jaycee unpacks a new game controller, her escape becomes very real when she's magically transported into game world. Jaycee must become her avatar, Lyla Stormbringer, and come to the aid of the lovely Lady Starla. Bandits terrorize the travelers on the High Road and Starla has been powerless to stop them. Along with her friend, Roger Woodbridge, chief steward of Mallory, Jaycee sets out to find out who is behind the highway attacks, and save the travelers of Mallory and their lady. But will the person Jaycee ultimately winds up saving be herself?

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