Call of the Raven (The Union series #1) Kindle ebook by Shawn Reilly

First, I'll comment on the plot. I am so impressed at how Shawn weaved this amazing plot together. There are constant twists and turns that you just don't know are coming, and it all blends so nicely together. There was only once that I got confused, but then I believe I was meant to be, and the whole thing was explained clearly later. There were several "I didn't see that coming!" moments, and a few times I found myself holding my breath. One moment I would be laughing out loud, and the next tensed up scared! I have to warn ya – it ends with a cliffhanger. AHHH!!! I wanted to scream! I immediately got online to check out when the next book was being released & was thrilled that it was about to come out! It is now available, so you don't have to wait. Shawn's plan is to not have a long waiting period between books. That's music to my ears! I really hope we get the whole story with a happily ever after for Asher, Ari, Nixon, Elle & Kennedy.

So, the plot is great, but Shawn backs it up with some AMAZING characters! The characterization is definitely what impressed me the most. Each character is so well defined, and you never find them all of a sudden changing personalities to fit the plot, which is so often done. I absolutely fell in love with Asher – funny huh, since he's the one that has sworn off love. I love that when Elle comes along, he doesn't all of a sudden become someone else. He's still the guy that's completely awkward with women, and that makes all of his softer moments that much more meaningful. There's one part where he's healing Elle and…well, you'll just have to read it for yourself. I love Elle, too, and how strong she is, while yet showing a vulnerable side, despite her horrid circumstances (I'd really like to see Julio get what's coming to him).

Review from Ali's Books